Surgical repair options. Pins and wires A stiff metal pin might be inserted between two fragments to align them and hold them in place. We might also use softer wire to wrap around fragments to pull the bone together - Cerclage wire. ﷯ This x-ray shows a broken thigh bone just above the knee.﷯ This tends to occur in young cats. Getting it back to the right location is always fiddly, but once there, pins inserted from different directions will usually be sufficient because the thigh muscles act to pull everything together. ﷯This x-ray is a young Labrador's elbow. It is not unusual to see these boisterous dogs breaking this ﷯particular spot so the end of the humerus cracks down the middle. Any fracture that enters a joint has to be repaired as accurately as we can possibly manage. 2 pins are orientated to hold the area together along with a screw which compresses the one section against the other.